Since 2006 I teach workshops that are movement- and material-based. My background in contemporary outdoor movement practice (Amerta Movement) is key to my teaching practice and working outdoors in intimate exchange and relationship to the material world forms the backbone of my work.

Some workshops are entirely outdoor based and through movement practice we deeply acquaint ourselves with the different rhythms and challenges of location, season and momentary state of being.

In other settings I incorporate materials such as clay and work in a studio setting, oscillating between movement practice and hand-on engagement with materials.


march 2024 – Celebrating Female* Lineage 2024


We had a beautiful day amidst our ancestors and those that are yet to come, amongst the known and unknown, the easy and the more difficult. Moving, writing, listening, speaking, walking, eating, talking. Seeing each other and all that is there. Announcing to the world what is needed. Thank you.

I am committing to holding this space once a year for the next decade. See you there!

september 2023 – Sein im Fallen (Being in Falling) @BuKo Psy4F

  • © Céline Dalbavie


Workshop “Sein im Fallen” für die Teilnehmenden vom Bundeskongress 2023 der Psychologists4Future.

Uns gewahr werden, in Kontakt kommen, mit uns, anderen, unserer Umgebung. Vielleicht nur das: Hinlegen, auf den Boden. Großflächiger Kontakt. Abwarten. Nach einem indoor Warm-Up waren wir draußen, in der Umgebung des Global Village (Neukölln) und haben uns mit körperlichen Abdrücken beschäftigt. Abdrücke nehmen und damit in den Raum gehen. Folgen und hinzufügen. Tanzen vielleicht. Bewegung, Stille und Spielräume wahrnehmen und gestalten. Wege bahnen um handlungsfähig zu bleiben, auch in Krisen.

august 2023 – Festival of Deceleration, Berlin-Neukölln

  • © Jens Ferchland

  • © Jens Ferchland


A series of six short movement workshops with children and adults in a beautiful and somewhat wild orchard in the wider framework of the Festival of Deceleration @ Museum Neukölln (Berlin).

Playing, crawling, jumping, imitating, being silly, relaxing, lying, standing, walking – all under apple, plum and quince trees. Breathing, balancing, looking at the sky, dancing. An hour to immerse ourselves in the temporality of the body, to tune our perception and follow the movements to which the place and the body invite us

autumn 2022 & spring 2023 – Space for Practice @ Floating University

Space for Practice auf dem Gelände der FLOATING UNIVERSITY, kuratiert und organisiert von Sabine Zahn und Alice Chauchat.

Mittwochs, 9:00 – 11:00. Zeit und Raum für choreographische Praxis, Tanz, Bewegung: draußen! Kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung. Unterricht von und mit: Sabine Zahn, Alice Chauchat, Paula Kramer und Ingo Reulecke.

Space for Practice at FLOATING UNIVERSITY, curated and organised by Sabine Zahn and Alice Chauchat.

Every Wednesday, 9:00 – 11:00. Time and space to move, dance, practice – outdoors. Free of charge and open to all. Facilitated by: Sabine Zahn, Alice Chauchat, Paula Kramerr and Ingo Reulecke.

june 2022 – Sentient Performativities Dartington (UK)

[26 + 27.06.2022]

Back to teaching and meeting in person: A day workshop in collaboration with dear friend, fellow movement person and Feldenkrais practitioner Sharon Gimpel Let there be rest – a dive into embodied shmita (26.06.2022) and a solo workshop on embodied writing (27.06.22). And a panel on Nature Writing, Nature Speaking organised and facilitated by Andrew Carey of Triachy Press. So many good people, walks and voices. Thank you.

More info on the conference + programme here.

august 2018 – On the surface of time – Länsi-Mustasaari, Helsinki

  • © Paula Kramer

  • © Paula Kramer

  • © Paula Kramer

  • © Paula Kramer

  • © Paula Kramer

[14. Aug. 2018]

A workshop as a physical intorduction to a forthcoming performance. Inviting others to play with the sites and materials. Meeting, rolling, lying, writing, singing – inventing a signature. Being part-of and apart. Bodies, rock, sea, wind, feathers.

march 2018 – About Adequacy @ Research as / in Motion Stockholm

  • Joa Hug
    © Joa Hug


Workshop on ‘adequacy’ in relationship to artistic research placed within academia (during ADIE intensive week for movement-based researchers):

Adequacy not in the sense of ‘just enough’, but in the sense of demanding adequate conditions for artistic research to flourish in an academic context. Supporting the development of individual research practices and core commitments as we thread, forge and form what is needed and relevant in the context of each of our artistic research projects.

More info here.

february 2018 – body. work. desire @ Kiasma Helsinki


A shared day with moving artists in Kiasma’s seminar room and out in the snow.

Warming up, relying on, sinking in the wisdom and efficacy of body and materials. Considering current personal thresholds and questions, asking what is relevant. Working together and cross disciplinary, in appreciation and integration of the liveliness of matters of all kinds.

Link to Kiasma’s WS announcement


august 2017 – Tanzen im Hof – Tanzfabrik Berlin – with Susanne Martin


Every first day of the month (1.6., 1.7., 1.8., 1.9., 1.10.2017), 2 choreographers meet with dance lovers, with and without dance experience to enter a physical dialogue and a sharing of movements with them.

Playing with the Uferstudio garden, with the spine, with stuff and messy corners. More is more and strangeness perstists.

Collaboration with Susanne Martin.


july 2016 – Being with this world @ IDOCDE Symposium Vienna

[29. – 31. Jul 2016]

Teaching at the 4th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education at ImPulsTanz. Dancing bodies taking seriously – the asphalt, the grass, the shadows, the foam and other strange stuff donated by the folks upholstering seating one hall further down.

Working in the back of a building in exquisite strangeness. Practising Being with this World (in and through dance).

Being with this world as relevant for dance making and living. Working with scores and movement proposals that support tuning into materiality and responsiveness. Practising exposure. What do we need and desire to hone our abilities of moving, dancing, being with and responding to this word?

An interview with me on ‘teaching‘ and the full symposium schedule here.

april 2016 – Moving & Making, Sant Cugat – lecture and workshop

  • © Pepe Ramos

  • © Paula Kramer

  • © Paula Kramer

  • © Pepe Ramos

[26. + 28. April 2016]

Moving & Making: Experiments with Body, Space and Material

Happy return to ETSAV, the Vallès Higher Technical School of Architecture in Sant Cugat. Organised by Marta Serra-Permanyer and Prof. José-Luis Oyon.
Working in the big lecture hall and outdoors, sharing stories about the buildings we grew up in and where we live now. Practising: position, transition, composition in movement. Outdoors: feeling the materiality of a wall through the body of another, thouching the human, walking in composition under trees, a small group dancing and witnessing in the end. Thank you all.

july 2014 – Movement, environment & mindfulness, Milwaukee

[17. July 2014]

A workshop with young people, participants of the GATE (Global Action Through Engagement) summer programme for High School students at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (USA).

A couple of walks around and in the campus woods, in pairs and individually. Standing and moving a circle together. A mover witness score under trees. Conversations about having and giving freedom to move, staying present within challenges and extending gestures of care.

Co-facilitated with audio artist/media pedagogue Ruben Kurschat. Opening our senses, being present to ourselves whilst also attending to our community and the wider world around us.

november 2013 – SMASH theory session @ Agora Berlin

[17. November 2013]

Constructing bodies in a cul de sac: evoking the abstract or provoking the explicitness?

A shared evening event with Marc Carrera (Tatwerk Berlin) and Michael Neuber; part of the theory session series of the physical performance trainging SMASH.

What is political? What is the political body?

My contribution to our trio explored how we might move in the space of the political yet attend to our felt senses, invite the abstract and practice the poetic.

An intensive evening filled with rebel clowns, street activism, personal stories and sociological theory. And sand and sand and sand, and milk and wine and water.


april 2012 – BODY.RHYTHM.TREES in the CITY, Sant Cugat

Lecture and workshop at ETSAV the Vallès Higher Technical School of Architecture in the seminar series La Ciudad i la Vida by Prof. José Luis Oyon and Marta Serra.

morning / lecture

on strategies and examples of site-specific dance in relationship to architectural concepts and environments.

afternoon / workshop

with a focus on the trees located near the ETSAV campus in St. Cugat. Have you noticed the space between trees? Their rhythm and relationship? We will explore the spatial and material configurations of trees in the city – walking, playing, dancing. Paying attention to ourselves, other beings and things around us and the space through which we pass. A space which we shape through our awareness and activity and which shapes us.


march 2011 – Ballant a la primavera de les àguiles, Sant Feliu

  • Design: Marta Serra

Taller de Dansa Experimental i Processos Creatius a la Natura

A càrrec de la ballarina Paula Kramer (Berlin) amb col·laboració amb el músic Julio Reig (mediterrani).

Aquest taller s’enfoca cap a la relació d’improvisació col·laborativa entre dansa i música, cos i so, somni i realitat, moviment i natura. Ens disposem a descobrir els voltants de Sant Feliu de Codines, en concret el Cim de les Àguiles. Treballarem a l’aire lliure donant la benvinguda a la primavera trobant-nos i perdent-nos en els secrets dels nostres cossos ballant, afinant la nostra consciència corporal al nostre entorn natural, la música en directe i els éssers amb els quals compartim aquest moment.

march 2011 – BODY.SPACE.DESIRE, Sant Cugat

  • © Marta Serra

  • © Marta Serra


In this workshop we explored the city space of Sant Cugat through embodied movement with about 35+ students of architecture of the School of Architecture in Sant Cugat (ETSAV). We played in the streets and went on impossible journeys, following mental maps to distant sites. We invited the world around us to come to us and moved in relationship to self, others and various sites. We enjoyed silence, the business of the streets and the transformative impact a playful group can have.

july 2010 – experimental movement & creative process, Burg (Pyrenees)

  • © Neus Molinor

  • © Anna Rubio

  • © Anna Rubio

  • © Neus Molinor

  • © Anna Rubio

  • © Neus Molinor

L’alta muntanya per ella mateixa recull un espai màgic. És un lloc que impulsa la imaginació i ens posa en relació amb un món diferent. Cada dia anirem a explorar llocs al nostre voltant. Ens relacionarem amb els poders de l’alta muntanya en moviment. Cadascú al seu ritme, sempre unint-ho a través de preguntes i consells que investigarem junts. Durant el taller buscarem entrades diferents per a començar una comunicació oberta i directa amb nosaltres mateixos, amb l ‘espai natural i amb les persones que comparteixen l‘espai amb nosaltres.

july 2009 – Ballar a l’alta muntanya, Bordes d’olp (Pyrenees)

L’alta muntanya per ella mateixa recull un espai màgic. És un lloc que impulsa la imaginació i ens posa en relació amb un món diferent al de la ciutat. Per a la realització d’aquest taller ens trobarem afora i amunt per un cap de setmana. Tenim un espai, un Prat, vora del poble d’Olp, a les Bordes d’Olp, on podrem posar les nostres tendes i/o habitacles.
Cada dia anirem a explorar llocs diferents al nostre voltant. Ens relacionarem amb els poders de l’alta muntanya en moviment. Cadascú al seu ritme, sempre unint-ho a través de preguntes i consells que investigarem junts. Durant el taller buscarem entrades diferents per a començar una comunicació oberta i directa amb nosaltres mateixos, amb l ‘espai natural i amb les persones que comparteixen l ‘espai amb nosaltres.

may 2009 – experimental movement & creative process, Montseny

Treballar amb el moviment a la natura cada vegada és una experiència diferent. En aquest taller hi ha la posibilitat d ́anar junts cap a una aventura de moviment individual i comú al peu del Montseny a prop del població de Sant Esteve de Palautordera.

Així com els nostres entorns cambien continuament, també cambien els nostres sentiments, decisions i capacitats en moviment. Durant el taller buscarem entrades diferents per a començar una comunicació oberta i directe amb nosaltres mateixos, amb l’espai natural i amb les persones que comparteixen l’espai amb nosaltres.

Treballarem especialment amb aspectes de presència corporal i mental. Cada persona pot descobrir els seus accesos personals.

july 2008 – Labyrinth workshop in Barnum (MN)

  • © Kara Keel

  • © Kara Keel

  • © Kara Keel

Co-facilitated with Emily Hughes

At this Community Supported Labyrinth Workshop and Ceremony at Common Place Farm we will not only create the physical path of a labyrinth on the earth’s body, but also explore this path in our own bodies. Through times of moving, meditating, exploring, witnessing, eating, resting, celebrating, and walking the labyrinth, we will answer the ancient call to commune with the sun, the moon, the wind and the water, and we will embrace the innate desire (however shy) to dance with the grasses, the flowers, the trees, and the creatures of this earth. We look forward to sharing this experience with you. (Paula Wiliams)

july 2006 – experimental movement & creative process, Farrera (Pyrenees)

  • © Vanessa Freixa

  • © Vanessa Freixa

  • © Vanessa Freixa

  • © Vanessa Freixa

  • © Vanessa Freixa

  • © Vanessa Freixa

Els temes principals del taller seran l’exploració del cos/moviment a la natura, mitjançant la creació d’un ambient d’inspiració i creativitat. S’experimentarà amb les immenses variacions que es produeixen entre el temps, la matèria, els elements de la natura i la nostra presència, els nostre moviments.

La intenció és explorar i gaudir de l’espai natural amb el moviment, investigant quins són els materials, colors, sons, moviments, etc. que ens ajuden a establir processos creatius i artístics.

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