choreography and performance: Bettina Mainz, Paula Kramer
artistic director: Mikki Bleidner
music: Peter Laros
produced by: CAP A PIE, Berlin
supported by: Municipal Office for Art + Culture Berlin-Schöneberg, Grün Berlin Park und Garten GmbH

Wandlungsphasen was developed for a nature reserve in Berlin, located on a former freight yard. First performed in the “Darwin Year” 2010, it is inspired by the evolutionary processes of adaption in nature and culture.

Steel becomes moss, the performers a part of nature. Between stillness and standstill, metamorphosis and variation, disappearance and infiltration, urgency and alienation – the dancers search for a path through the niches, melt with their surroundings, stand out as strangers and disappear into the ground.

Breiter Weg 18

12487 Berlin


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