Intensive Research Symposium at Zentrum Fokus Forschung in Vienna, part of the PEEK project Contingent Agencies by Nikolaus Gansterer & Alex Arteaga.

An intense week of collective surrender – to place, atmosphere, agencies, time-space, world. All bound into each other, folded, intertwined; co-compositions of a whole.

With core group: Alex Arteaga, Arno Böhler, Emma Cocker, Mika Elo, Nikolaus Gansterer, Sabina Holzer, Paula Kramer and Andreas Spiegl. Plus many guests including Tim Ingold, Erin Manning (remote) and Karen Barad (remote).

Breiter Weg 18

12487 Berlin


mobile de +49 (0)176 23429456

paula [at]