Working with — a granite from Cornwall (formerly from the Equator), a 300 year old Lucombe Oak, a Stone Oak in the further distance, liquidized China Clay, quarry man David A. Paton, choreographer Carolyn Deby and video artist Annette Arlander.

The wider setting – the wonderful and wonderous research network “Rock/Body“, initiated by Dr. João Flôrencio and Prof. Nigel Clark. Thinking together about deep time, substrata, human consumption patterns, copper, time, the South Pole, moving matter.

I feel grateful for such interdisciplinary research networks. I take my time to find my place in them but then am inevitably taken by the variety of knowledges present as well as the genrosity with which they were shared. It feels like this was just a beginning and I hope many lines of co-investigation continue. Thank you all!

Documentation materials on all three Rock/Body meetings and programme notes of the performative happenings.

All photographs © Rose Ferraby, all drawings © Sabine Kussmaul.



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