[17 – 19.08.2018]

I begin in the fold. Lying. Listening. Opening towards sounds. Sea, wind, birds, boats, airplanes, humans. On a small island of rock, cradled in the baltic sea. Here I begin. Distal end of my left arm moving in relationship to my sacrum, in relationship to the rock beneath, its temperature, form, density, texture, colour, markings. In relationship to the sky above, the wind, the slanted fold on both sides, the deep time, the age of these age-old rocks, the thousands of million years present here, where once was a mountain range high and tall. Here I begin …



on the surface of time was part of my postdoctoral research on intermateriality in the emergence of movement and choreography. Supported by CfAR – the Centre for Artistic Research of Uniarts Helsinki.

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