I have co-edited the issue entitled ‘On Ecology’ of Performance Research together with Stephen Bottoms and Aaron Franks. It was published in August 2012, including my article “Bodies, Rivers, Rocks and Trees: Meeting agentic materiality in contemporary outdoor dance practice.”

How do we live on earth?

In recent years, a broad and growing range of performance events and processes have sought to re-imagine the question of our relationship, as humans, with the non-human environment. Where the traditional Western view has been to see ourselves as the central players on a static stage with a green backdrop, current thinking and experimentation often emphasise the diverse ways in which we are implicated in, responsible for, and responsive to the systems and processes that constitute life on earth. Who are the other actors – animal, vegetable, mineral, structural  – whose existence impacts on ours, and is impacted on by us? How is ecological consciousness and connectivity currently manifesting in performance studies and its related contexts?

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