[8. – 26.05.2015]

Collaboration with Alys Longley (NZ) at HZT Berlin.

We brought to this research phase aspects of our main practises – experimental documentation (Alys) and materiality orientated movement (Paula) and offered these worlds to each other. Together we explored how our respective bodies of work inform processes of movement making, documenting and sense making.

Moving – writing – living.

We worked in the studio, on the HZT campus and its direct surroundings, Berlin’s neighbourhood ‘Wedding’. On five days we had external visitors and collaborators who co-informed this work. These were Jagna Anderson, Lina Kukulis, Hanna Nordqvist, Bettina Neuhaus, Yigit Daldikler and Simone Weber. To all these movement practitioners we are grateful for contributing to our working process.

This collaboration provided space to notice that both our respective areas of work are both intensely of material, materially bound and materially enabled. I noticed for example an immediate feedback from the materials I was working with. The amount of give, the quality of contact, frictions and resistances. Becomings of lines, fields or colours, forms and words in the moment of lowering tool to paper and beginning to make a mark.

I was also particularly intrigued by moments in which materiality orientated movement and documentation practices overlapped such that my dancing body could feel its becoming line on paper and the line speaking back to me and affected my movement.

To be continued and more to be discovered …


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