[08. June 2013]


With writer/philosopher Wallace Heim (UK) I offered a collaborative artistic research labs during the dance congress 2013 in Düsseldorf. We moved indoors and outdoors, witnessed and watched, touched and talked, washed our hands and ate strawberries. We experimented with and discussed how both mover and context might be considered as agentive and lively, as having something to say. We notived that a shift of the human positioniality might change our sense of temporality, time can expand as we enter the zone of things and materials – the radiator, the train tracks, the tree, the bare feet.

The tandem series of artistic research labs was initated by Joa Hug and carried out by Katja Münker & Ralph Fischer, Joa Hug & Monica Alarcón, Paula Kramer & Wallace Heim.

Read a review by Helmut Ploebst (in German).


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