[14. – 16.12.2022]

Denklabor Choreography, Dance and Urban Practice: Questions, Theses, Perspectives┬á– three days with experienced peers exploring the particular contributions and potentials of embodied practices dealing with “the city”, “sites”, “environments” and everything else taking place outdoors …

Participants: Alice Chauchat, Dan Belasco Rogers, Eva-Maria Hoerster, Gabriele Reuter, Katja M├╝nker, Paula Kramer, Sabine Zahn, Stephanie Hanna, Susanne Soldan, Sven Seeger

Organisiert von/organized by: Eva-Maria Hoerster, Gabriele Reuter, Sabine Zahn

Supported by: Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing as part of the expansion of the Netzwerkstelle Urbane Praxis, supported by Urbane Praxis e.V.

Breiter Weg 18

12487 Berlin


mobile de +49 (0)176 23429456

paula [at] paulakramer.de