choreography: Bettina Mainz

performance: Eva Balzer, Aude Henry, Paula Kramer

supported by: Goethe Institut Cairo, French Cultural Centre Alexandria, Weinmeisterhaus Berlin, Nora Amin

The smile – this precious universal gesture of mankind forms the starting point of our story. Three performers set out to find their way to deal with it: a Geisha in her attempt to protect the goodness of the smile, guided by traditional wisdom and resisting the attacs of emotional change; a poet in her desire to generate deep happiness and fails; a rebel, who struggles to find a position in and for society and in the tempest of life happening destroys the ability to smile.

The performers constantly risk losing their balance on the fine lines their actions draw. This piece offers a wide range of emotional states that never claim to be just personal.

The company out of the mu is based in Berlin. Our work is nurtured by the different backgrounds of the participants and is situated between dance, theatre and movement. Our main source is practicing awareness in movement. We work towards understanding rough and subtle energies, which we use to guide our expression and the embodiment of spirit.

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12487 Berlin


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