Part of Tutke Spring Research Days.

Mixing words, sounds and materials on a table top with pre-recorded videos of movement practice on Länsi-Mustasaari (Suomenlinna). Meeting outdoor practice in an indoor setting, testing what carries over and what emerges anew. The sailing of feather ships, the crushing of plastic rock.

Whether or not it matters that I am human, I don’t know.

The software ‘video mixer’ has been programmed by Tuomo Rainio for this occasion, including conversations and input by Jaana Ristola, both visual artists working at KuvA. Thank you. I am also grateful to Sami Kustila, technician at KuvA, who helped assemble the hardware in a test-run. Thank you also to KIASMA for technical support and the possibility to rehearse and share the work and to CfAR and Tutke for hosting and supporting the research more generally.

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