[08. Oct. 2011]

Inviting known strangers to be among trees with a performer and a musician. It is early evening, quiet autumn. Not much movement in the atmosphere, but a shift into light and then it gets dark.

Collective procession into the trees, opening the camp.

Walking, starting. Many circles. Lostness, anger, pleasure. Quiet. Moving-singing-dancing.

Oh what? Oh what? Oh what? Oh what?                                     So what? So what? So what? So what?

There is attention and distraction, some concentration and a lot that remains unknown. As audience members join in, the net breaks open even further, yet little universes form here and there. Families in trees. A man tries to walk in circles. A woman sits under a tree. The double bass and his son walk into the field.

“Tonight this little copse is magical. And the elderberries, wow. They look delicious.” [Noël Warr]

Night falls. We eat chestnut soup and sourdough bread and drink hot elderberry punch.

Next edition November 23, 2011, 2:30 pm: trees, – absolute soloist.

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12487 Berlin


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