Throughout the year I have been working with musician Michaël Lacoult (double bass/objects) at a tree-site near Stoneleigh Abbey (Warwickshire). I am now considering this site as a possibility for one part of my practical PhD-examination in 2012. To ‘plough the field’ in preparation I would like to invite you to an informal sharing of our working there, which will include some showing, some collective improvising for those who would like to join us and some food and drink and a bit of chatting/feedback for those who are up for that.

You need to arrive in time for the beginning and can leave any time you wish.

Weather will be taken as it is! Please dress accordingly.

Getting there: Parking lots are few. Get in touch for directions, carsharing and train station pick-up.

There will be hot elderberry punch and sweet-chestnut stew (veggie) made from the autumn harvest of the site.

playing with trees
informal performative gathering
amongst old sweet chestnut trees

paula kramer & michaël lacoult
SAT 08 OCT 2011, 5 – 7 pm

Carsharing, directions and other questions: paula [at]


Breiter Weg 18

12487 Berlin


mobile de +49 (0)176 23429456

paula [at]