A multi-media experiment that exposes a particular part of my research on intermateriality and movement, based at Uniarts Helsinki. It interlaces documentary video clips of outdoor movement practice on the island Suomenlinna with live projections of drawings, materials and texts. The relationship between human, thing, (im)material context and bodily practice is dealt with in the context of this specific example.

Suomenlinna is part of the city of Helsinki and largely determined by its sea fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991, built in the 18th century, extending over all four parts of the island. I have work in this context a between November 2016 and May 2019, close to rocks and water. In September 2017 I found a buoy on the shore – big, round, heavy and pink. I pulled her onto the rock and she has been part of my working practice every since. An anchor by my side, a planetary globe, a trusted friend. I never know if she will still be there when I next return.

Meeting Buoy is the story of an unexpected romance between a dancer and a buoy, subject to tides and changing circumstances.

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