Welcome to body, trees and things – the final performance in the framework of my PhD.

We’ll spend an afternoon at a tree site near Stoneleigh village, close to Coventry. There will be images, trees, performance, food and conversation.

I’ve worked on the site since February 2011, in the beginning very informally, mostly with musician MichaĆ«l Lacoult. Over several months a more focused way of working has emerged, with a performative inauguration in October 2011 and an intensive work period of six weeks leading up to this final performance.

We will meet shortly before 3 pm at St. Mary’s church in Stoneleigh and begin with a brief walk to the site. If you have been to the inauguration, please note that this is a different meeting point.

To receive a map and thus ‘register’ your participation, please send an email: paula[at]paulakramer.de.

If you arrive by public transport: Take BUS Nr. 539 from “Coventry Station Bridge” at 14:13. You need to get off at the station “Stoneleigh Birmingham Road” at 14:42 and walk 5 min to the church. There will be enough cars to bring you back to the train station after the event.

The event will take place in any kind of weather, please dress accordingly.


Breiter Weg 18

12487 Berlin


mobile de +49 (0)176 23429456

paula [at] paulakramer.de