the sheep are black and white                                               & they are not black and not white

Duet with Bettina Mainz, ca. 40 min

trials, correlations, incidences and independencies, practiced in performance in the company of things, objects and materials

Working with aspects of materiality and corporeality, extending from shared memories of our longstanding working relationship into the conditions of the present moment, in which every movement, interaction and intermingling takes place and is felt in its actuality.


How do we place, put and carry? How do we skip, creep and lean? How do we mend what has been broken? How do we keep the fragmented company?

We do not seek to create a common behavior through our being together, but to increase the awareness of being with differences of many kinds – atmospheres, identities, textures, the presence of an audience, the structure of the space. What we might call ‘outer circumstances’ but also including our inner being and all that we bring. The piece is composed in the process of performing, of movement material we bring, scores we have developed and questions we seek to answer in real time.

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