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28 April 2017 – SAR conference Helsinki (FI)

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Body-based Research and Dissemination – A Collective Exploration & Participatory Methodology Lab (collboration with Joa Hug)

“Body-based”, “embodied”, “bodily”, “…” research. The terminology is manifold, the approaches vary and the potentials of the (human) body are widely discussed in artistic research. Drawing on this existing background we collectively entre into a participatory methodology lab, exploring *body* practices in the field of artistic research.

Conference Programme here. Foto © Andrea Keiz.

14 – 17 June 2017 – NOFOD in Gothenburg (SE)

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Dance, Deviation & Public Spaces (Workshop)

Norms of acceptable behaviour in public spaces and the potential of dance to reconfigure them. Fluidity between normal-not-normal. Dancing small dances of deviation. We attend to dance’s potential of mattering to the world, offering practices of deviation and participatory forces that mingle with social processes beyond dance.

More info about NOFOD 2017.

30 June 2017 Research Pavilion Venice (IT) – #CHARP

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Everything is already in movement, movement is everywhere. Particles moving, the building decaying, the wire outside – swaying. What happens to your body? Moving from and with the movment that alrady is.

Project happening within the larger framerwork of doctoral artistic reseach on Athmospheric Choreography, led by Simo Kellokumpu. #CHARP is a collaboration with Outi Condit, Paula Kramer and Vincent Roumagnac.

Premiere in the Research Pavilion / Venice Bienale, 30.06.2017.

More info about the project and about the research pavilion.

2017 Suomenlinna

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A new place, a new country, a new site. Everything is unknown.

I begin to work, here and there now. Here: Rocks, water, military.

On my first day (16.12.2016) I walk all around the islands and find two spots to work in. I huddle into the rock. I climb up a slope. I sound from the throat.

I hear the sea speak back to me and see the rocks arranged in their three-dimensionality.

2016 – 2017 Martin-Gropius-Bau

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Exploring a site in Berlin. A stranger in a known place. Behind buildings, on a nodal point. Here is everything at once – remnants of Nazi Germany, a long stretch of the wall, the city parliament, a refugee accomodation, a memorial stone from the American Air Force, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (behind a large fence), many security cameras, the place as such, returning street sweepers, people on lunch break, urban wilderness, tourists passing throuch, trees, artists doing their work. What is rock, what is body, what is history, what is now, what is movement – here?

2016 – 2017 collaboration with Amaara Raheem

  • © Paula Kramer
    © Paula Kramer
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Shared performance making of sorts – corres-pond-dances with dear colleague Amaara Raheem in Melbourne (AUS).

Correspondance #23 – a work in process. Using various means of communication we send each other things, feelings and thoughts across oceans. Our dance is a correspondance; an enquiry into multiple modes of transference and transformation, crossing distances, inquiring into possibilities of living.

One white rock – hand-to-hand – now on its way to you. (2.11.2016)

Go well white rock!

ongoing outdoor class – tuesdays 10:00 – 12:00

I  offer an ongoing outdoor class on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 – 12:00 @ Königsheide in Berlin. By registration only – please let me know if you intend to come and make sure you have a relpy from me that it is happening as I am travelling quite a bit.

Open to professional and lay dancers, dance students and movement researchers who enjoy practising outdoors. 

I look forward to moving with you!

12 € pro Termin / each class // 5 Termine / classes = 50 € // Trial / erster Termin: 5 €

Mehr Infos & Anmeldung / More information & registration:

Treffpunkt/Meeting Point: Eingang zur Königsheide gegenüber Königsheideweg / Späthsfelder Weg / Entrance to Königsheide vis-à-vis Königsheideweg / Späthsfelder Weg. Bushaltestelle/Bus stop: Mahonienweg, Bus 265.

Please dress according to weather conditions. Bitte warm und robust kleiden.


Rixdorfer Str. 9

12487 Berlin


mobile de +49 (0)176 23429456

paula [at]